May 2018 |
Córdoba Mosque: A Fusion of Cultures

May 2018 |
Córdoba Mosque: A Fusion of Cultures

Project Description

Córdoba Mosque; a fusion of cultures

  • Monday 14 May 2018 at 16:30

  • Venue: Salon Varietés Theatre, Fuengirola
  • Lecturer: Jacqueline Cockburn

  • Our Patron: Avalon

  • Members: No charge (included in Membership Fees)
    Non-Members: 10 Euro Pay at Door

This lecture looks at the extraordinary moment in history in 711 when the Moors arrive in Spain and conquer it.  We will learn about the culture the Moors brought with them and the period of fertile growth in the arts and sciences during the 800 years they remained in Spain.  The process of the building of the Córdoba Mosque will be analysed. The Córdoba Mosque became the emblem of this fertile period in Spanish History although, as it will be shown, later additions created a unique fusion of religions and cultures which are still visible today.  It will end with a discussion of the meaning of the building today.

About the Lecturer

Jacqueline Cockburn is a linguist and art historian, with first degrees in French and Spanish and Art History, an MA in Applied Linguistics and a PhD in Art History and Spanish on ‘The Drawings of García Lorca as gifts, citations and exchanges’. Has taught at Westminster School since 1984 as Head of Art History for 16 years and has lectured at Birkbeck for 20 years. She is now Managing Director of an art tour company. She is currently publishing an article on Goya’s self-portraits.

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